Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Loretta Young Show

A good, clean show on a very snowy day!

LORETTA YOUNG SHOW 3 & 2 PLEASE 30 mins Loretta Young portrays, “Sister Ann”, a nun who brightens the lives of patients in a Catholic hospital at Christmastime.
Sun 12/21/08 6:30 PM ET & 3:30 PM PT
Tue 12/23/08 11:00 AM ET & 8 AM PT
Fri 12/26/08 2:30 AM ET & (Thu) 11:30 PM PT
Sat 12/27/08 2:30 PM ET & 11:30 AM PT


Gretchen said...

Now see, this is why I have a slight regret for getting rid of tv. :-)

PlainCatholic said...

Oh aye: I watched it via the internet. I remember these marvelous episodes and pray that one day, such wholesome programming will once again be created and broadcast. Kudos to EWTN for these old episodes and doubly so for making them available via webcast!

scmom (Barbara) said...

I DVRd this and watched last night. Thanks for the tip. It was very enjoyable.