Thursday, July 08, 2010

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Novena, Day 2

Second Day

Most Holy Mary, Our Mother, in your great love for us you gave us the Holy Scapular of Mount Carmel, having heard the prayers of your chosen son Saint Simon Stock. Help us now to wear it faithfully and with devotion. May it be a sign to us of our desire to grow in holiness.
(pause and mention petitions)

Say: Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Novena, Day One

First Day
O Beautiful Flower of Carmel, most fruitful vine, splendor of heaven, holy and singular, who brought forth the Son of God, still ever remaining a pure virgin, assist us in our necessity! O Star of the Sea, help and protect us! Show us that you are our Mother!
(pause and mention petitions)
Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Bl. Zelie and Louis Martin

Bl. Zelie and Louis Martin, July 12
Lord, you have given to Blessed Louis and Marie ZĂ©lie the grace to lead a life of holiness as Christian spouses and parents. Grant that through their intercession and example each of us may be able to love and serve you faithfully, living worthily our own vocation. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nature at it's best....

I cannot believe how long it's been since I've made an entry. Had many struggles these past few months so I've put many things on the back burner.

Had a particularly stressful day yesterday, came home from a meeting to find my husband mowing. Now...we have almost three acres so it can take some time....but as he was mowing the pasture I heard him turn the engine off and yell for me to get the camera...and this is what we found....
She/he was there all day until we saw momma come at around 8:30 that evening. Seeing the two reunited was so heartwarming. Certainly God new I needed to see this punkin!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Salve Regina: Hail Holy Queen

My friend, Laura, shared this video today -- so beautiful.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Can't wait to see it! Thank you, Gretchen, for pointing me to this You Tube!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Missed my monthly Carmelite meeting.....

Well, so the last few weeks (OK maybe month) has been......challenging. Just the twist and turns of life. I don't know how people without faith in Divine Providence get through -- it certainly gave me a peace through my dad being ill, an Aunt passing away and then two days later an uncle passing away. Years ago...I most likely would not have seen the beauty in some of these events, so I know our Lord is working in me as that's all I saw. Sadness...grief.....definitely, but also joy and beauty.

And then this is kind of funny......I hurt my foot by falling off of a very, very large metal box ( it was 5 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch - but sounds better the other way) about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I've been hobbling around on this black and blue foot and it was getting better but was a little surprised that it was still so sore. Yesterday, I went to get on my knees to help the children pick up their toys and I just slightly rolled onto my toes (SERIOUSLY, ever so slightly) and I felt a POP. After I composed myself I pulled off my sock and had a mysterious bump on the top of my foot. Decided to get an x-ray and yes....broken bone on the top of my foot -- just HOW does one get a broken bone on the TOP? LOL Most likely I fractured it 1 1/2 weeks ago and that little roll just made the final break. They said to stay off of it until next week when I can see the doctor. I was a little disappointed that I have to wait to see the doctor...but they said the swelling needed to go down anyway before they can decide what to do.

So, missing my monthly Carmelite meeting -- I'm disappointed as I really look forward to seeing everyone and it has become very important when trying to persevere on this path. But I have great friends who will be taking notes for me and will fill me in as best they can after the meeting. Praying for them as I know they are for me!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Asking for prayers....

On Good Friday, I was told that my Aunt, my mother's sister, had been taken to the hospital. My mom and I arrived at the hospital the exact time the doctor was delivering the news that she has stage 4 lung cancer, and it had also metastasized outside the lungs as well. This morning I've been told she's been given 12 - 72 hours.

This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday and I would so appreciate it if you could spare a Divine Mercy Chaplet for Gloria. I'm not positive what her beliefs are, but I know she hasn't been to a church for years and years. Thank you for any and all prayers....

One of the best means of assisting the dying is the one that Jesus revealed to St. Faustina and insisted that she use often — even continuously: The Divine Mercy Chaplet. Jesus said: "My daughter, encourage souls to say the chaplet which I have given to you. It pleases Me to grant everything they ask of Me by saying the chaplet. ... Write that when they say this chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between My Father and the dying person, not as the just Judge but as the merciful Savior (Diary, 1541).

Earlier, Our Lord said to her, "At the hour of their death, I defend as My own glory every soul that will say this chaplet; or when others say it for a dying person, the indulgence is the same" (Diary, 811).

Sunday, April 04, 2010

He is Risen!

Our Redeemer has risen from the tomb; let us sing a hymn of praise to the Lord our God, alleluia!
I have missed you all! Lent, and especially Holy Week was definitely a time of "pruning" for me and I'm so thankful for a merciful Lord. I'm also very thankful for you, my friends and I can't wait to catch up on your blogs!
May God Bless You ALL Abundantly!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something about Mary!

OK, so I started checking on my friends and just felt inspired to write ONE more little post, LOL! One of my favorite blogs (and fav cyber friend) is called the Beautiful Gate. I took a peek at her blog the other day -- Mary is her name and she always inspires me in my walk with Christ. Just as quickly I started thinking about the "Mary's" in my life and realized that every Mary I have been blessed to know has a very special place in my heart. From our Blessed Mother who truly saved me by leading me to her son and then again to my (hope to be) Carmelite family, a long time Mary friend from high school, another long time Mary friend who I consider probably my best friend because at the center we share our love of Christ, to my new cyber friend Mary who shares her heart bravely with her readers. Going to spend some time in prayer today thanking our Lord for the "Mary's" in my life...even those that aren't really named Mary:-)

Still here....still Lent!

Missing all my blogging friends, but still taking this time to make this Lent the best ever and that includes stepping away a bit from the computer. Please know that you are all in my prayers!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Gargoyle Code

I'm always a day late it seems these days and should have started Fr. Longenecker's book yesterday...but no matter...catching up now and would like to say....BUY THE BOOK -- click the book on my it now as I received mine very quickly! (there is no monetary compensation to me for clicking from this site - just a quick way to get to Fr. Longenecker's website)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Still a few hitches I cannot figure out on the blog but it seems to be mostly back to normal.

So Lent In a Tent...a post by Fr. Dwight Longenecker tells about a young boy, 10 year old Philip who spent Lent in a tent. As I'm preparing for Lent, young Philip keeps coming to mind. I hate to be uncomfortable and thinking of living in a tent for 40 days makes me break out in a cold sweat! And then I think of many here in this life that would be so grateful and happy and CONTENT, to be lucky enough to own a tent. So with Lent upon us, I'm going to accept Fr. Longenecker's challenge and sacrifice more...challenge myself to do more for Him..the one who has done all for me.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

My Blog got a bit messed up yesterday (colors and such) so I'll be working on it this weekend...hopefully, I can figure out what happened!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tebow's Super Bowl ad isn't intolerant....

While the writer of this article and I disagree on abortion I did a big "YES" when I was reading it. Finally, someone who believes differently than I but finally sees that using the word "choice" really, really doesn't mean CHOICE to most. It's used because it makes it sound better than pro death.....and honestly....just so darn proud of someone (Tebow) who is willing to step out and so very nicely, politely, honestly, kindly and unapologetic go against the masses and share his belief. I don't care much for football (except for the snacks:-) - seriously - can't see where the darn ball is most of the time and I decide who I'm rooting for based on which uniform color I like best (unless it's the Oregon Ducks, of course)....but I'll be watching this year....

Sally Jenkins - Tebow's Super Bowl ad isn't intolerant; it's critics are.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Conversion of Saint Paul

From the LOH this morning...

Homily by Saint John Chrysostom, bishop

"Each day he (St. Paul) aimed higher; each day he rose up with greater ardor and faced with new eagerness the dangers that threatened him. He summed up his attitude in the words: I forget what is behind me and push on to what lies ahead. When he saw death imminent, he bade others share his joy: Rejoice and be glad with me! And when danger, injustice and abuse threatened, he said: I am content with weakness, mistreatment and persecution. These he called the weapons of righteousness, thus telling us that he derived immense profit from them."

To have such zeal for the love of Christ. How can I, as I start my day, have such enthusiasm to embrace whatever He has planned for me? I struggle as the old me still clings to pride. I've asked Jesus to help me with this -- although I said it in a whisper just in case he decides to take me up on it and allow a boatload of trials designed to purify me:-) (SIGH) So thankful he never tires of me and my lukewarm ways.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Joy in the midst of suffering....

Today is one of those days...really like any other, that is full of joys and sorrows, blessings and struggles, wonder and confusion.

The sorrow of losing a child...not mine....but a young women my youngest daughters age (21) who is also a mother to a young child. I remember her mother who so inspired me as a young mom. One time in church they were sitting across from us....a family of five or so at that time (they have six children I believe). The children being so good, waiting patiently, the mom kneeling, and I could see her lips moving as she was reciting prayers, most likely the Rosary. That vision has always stayed with me as a source of inspiration to be a good mother to my children by example. This family has been given many challenges....and now another one. I pray to our Heavenly Father, our Blessed Mother and Good St. Anne to shower blessings, comfort and grace on this family to endure this newest trial. And as trials always do....has encouraged me to remember to continue to pray for my children, and to call and tell them how much I love them.

And the I celebrate 31 years of marriage with a man I am so proud to call my husband. God blessed me the day he introduced us and I thank him for this wonderful gift - especially since we only knew each other for 3 weeks before we got engaged but that's another story for another time. God knew what he was doing even if we were young and didn't know it!:-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Favorite Friday

I'm working on detachment of things....I really am....but there is just something about Mary:-) I wanted to share one of my favorite statues that my husband bought me for Christmas. Now, mind you, he didn't know he bought it for me until I showed it to him but oh, he was so proud of himself for choosing something so perfect (haha)! Anyway, I'm sure we all have favorite images of Our Blessed Mother and Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, holding baby Jesus so tenderly in her arms is one of mine (the other, The Sistine Madonna). I love this statue because it is all fitting for our tender Mother.

"The last and greatest means of all, the most wonderful of all secrets for obtaining and keeping of Divine Wisdom, a tender and true devotion to the Blessed Mary."

~St. Louis de Montfort~

Haiti, Pat Robertson and Witchcraft

As I'm clearly not a great writer I'd like to point you to Fr. Longenecker's article with a bit of clarification on some of the facts.

Continued prayers for Haiti, and please donate if you can.

Friday, January 08, 2010

The Catholicism Project - NEW TRAILER

I really don't know much about this but saw it on a blog called Daily Grace ( and it just made me smile!

Beautiful St. Anne Chaplet

I wanted to share a beautiful St. Anne Chaplet I received from my internet friend Anne, Under Her Starry Mantle and Tota Pulchra Beads. She is so creative and uses the most beautiful combinations of colors, beads, texture, etc. Stop over and take a look at her beautiful jewelry, rosaries and chaplets.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

A couple of my furry friends

I plan to broaden this blog a bit this year. My goal was to share my journey as a wife, mother, and Secular Carmelite (still in formation). I have shared some of this Carmelite way but as I have grown this path is not separate from my"other" life but very much becomes my life. Oh, I'm not good with words at all so I probably just sound cofusing. Those that have/are taking this walk understand what I mean. With that said, my plan is to share a little more of my daily (more likely weekly) life with all it's glorious twists and turns!

And again, my new internet friend, Robin at All Things Heart and Home, is starting a 365 day project where she takes a picture each day. I thought it would be a great idea (I promise, Robin, to not borow all your ideas!) -- I most likely will not share these picts. daily because I don't blog each day but am planning to take them and use them in some way - which just hasn't come to me yet! LOL

January 1 picture above - I could have taken many pictures yesterday. My oldest daughter and family came over to watch the big Duck game (boo hoo by the way). We ate so much junk f0od (drowning our sorrows) that I was almost comotose. But my husband took a picture of two of my favorite furry children. Seldom are they THIS close - Max, my ragdoll cat (love him dearly but really, don't pay for a pet...adopt one that is in need) has lately been "borrowing" Luna's dog bed. Luna, my toy poodle who I adopted from a rescue decided there was plenty of room for her too and was not to be ousted from HER bed!

My "Theme" for 2010

I've known my theme for some time.....but struggled with how to express to word it. I read this yesterday as it was sent through a list I am on and the words were there for me...

Sr. Carmela of the Holy Spirit OCD to Jesus:

“I think of this new year as a white page given to me by Your Father, on which He will write, day by day, whatever His divine good pleasure has planned. I shall now write at the top of the page, with complete confidence: Lord, do with me what You will, and at the bottom I already write my Amen to all the proposals of Your divine will. Yes Lord, yes to all the joys, the sorrows, the graces, the hardships prepared for me, which You will reveal to me day by day. Grant that my Amen my be the Paschal Amen, always followed by the Alleluia, uttered wholeheartedly, in the joy of a complete gift. Give me Your love and Your grace, and I shall be rich enough.”

Divine Intimacy page 108 (HIGHLY recommend this book)

Sometimes I struggle, struggle against the blessings and grace our Lord wants to give me because it is usually combined with some struggle. I'm a wimp...plain and simple. So preseverance is my stance, combined with a yes to all He chooses to prepare for me.

Friday, January 01, 2010