Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, Monday..

I always sort of dread the week after Christmas. I feel kind of....well....sick....after days and days of baking and eating yummy things with way too much sugar. The stress of hosting family for the holidays always tends to encourage my consumption of the self-medicating substance. Although if you put a bowl of some sort of crunchy, salty combination in front of me it can also soothe my frazzled nerves. Oh who am I kidding....many times I've indulged in the sweet only to then find myself digging for something salty to "balance" it out, LOL!

So today is the day when I go cold turkey and prepare myself for the inevitable withdrawal. When I don't eat sugar...I don't want fine without it. A little chocolate here and there I can deal with but after the holiday sugar blitz it is a little harder to get it under control:-)

And then there are the decorations! Yesterday, hubby asked if I wanted to start putting things away. I feel like I just barely got done getting the house ready so decided to wait another day....maybe tomorrow even:-) I sit here looking at all the decorations that must now be put away I'm feeling a little........anxious.........and those little round cookies covered in powdered sugar are really yummy with a cup of coffee......


scmom (Barbara) said...

Enjoy your decorations until the Epiphany -- you'll be tired of them by then. ;-)

I have not eaten many cookies, and I can tell you I could really get into them now. Even without eating a bite, I still want them!

Merry Christmas, dear Julia!

Gretchen said...

Oh! I am going through the same thing. My fix? I just eat everything as fast as possible to 'get rid of it'. Silly me. I am looking forward to January 2 and getting back to an everyday routine. Happy New Year!

carmelitemom said...

Julia...I feel the same...laden with sweets and way too much caffeine and very intemperate! I do get to the point when I can't bare to look at it anymore and need to mortify a bit!

Enjoy your decorations until the Epiphany! THIS is the Christmas Season right now...rejoice! There will be plenty of time after the New Year.