Saturday, June 02, 2007

Always a mom...

I had a very humbling experience yesterday....seeing my baby, tubes everywhere and in pain. I haven't felt pain in my soul like that since my middle daughter and her twin brother were born premature, and with all the complications that come with that. It just doesn't get any easier - no matter that she's 24 - she's still my baby and I wish I could have traded places with her. Before the surgery I asked our Heavenly Mother to keep her close and asked my Guardian Angel to please keep watch. All went well in repairing her lung but, as expected, the recovery is difficult and painful. It was an incredibly long day with the added complication of no bed in the particular ward they wanted her in. So she spent 12 hours in recovery - instead of the two or so that is usual. Luckily, we had sympathetic nurses who allowed us one at a time to visit and sit with her so she wasn't alone. Her husband called me a bit ago and said she had a restful night, Praise God!

I have a few things to do at home and then I'll head back to the hospital because, no matter how old they get....they still want Mom:-)

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