Sunday, June 10, 2007

Books, Books and more Books!

I have a terrible weakness...books! O.k., so it's not my only weakness (I love to collect Rosaries too!), and it could certainly be worse -- but my husband just rolls his eyes when he sees the postman coming with a package. Reading the book "An Infinity of Little Hours" by Nancy Klein Maguire, has inspired a deeper interest in the Carthusian spirituality. I'm hoping this reading will enrich my own journey for the contemplative life.

The postman will be bring me very soon...

The Cloud of Unknowing, by Anonymous and edited by William Johnston

The Meditations of Guigi I, Prior of the Charterhouse

And inspired by Barbara at Praying For Grace I ordered this beautiful journal to record my thoughts, prayers as well as my struggles. She has some beautiful Rosaries for sale too!

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Gretchen said...

I have to laugh and laugh. My husband does the same thing! He rolls his eyes and groans when the postman comes with yet another book for me!