Monday, July 27, 2009

Fragrance from Alabaster

To be always kind in thought, word and deed, one must practice real mortification, for one must constantly repress the natural which is in us all and which is quick to see the fault in another.

We must practice that faith which sees beneath the surface, recognizing the divine in every soul; we must realize that what is said to another is directed to our Lord, Who associates Himself with each one so closely as to be one with her.

The virtues of faith and love are within the reach of all of us. They are the two wings by which we can fly to God on countless occasions, and these occasions are provided by our Lord Himself just to have us do so.

In using these happenings, we shall find countless opportunities for overcoming our natural self, so given to irritation when things contradict our will, and so ready to think that annoying circumstances justify our showing annoyance. We forget that the occasions do not make us frail but they show what we are.

It is only the light of faith that can enable us to see through the various circumstances we meet with and see in them God and His permissive Will. To one under the influence of our Lord's Spirit instead of her own, these little trials show her our Lord asking for love; and if nature is tempted to complain, the soul that loves is not depressed or discouraged. Rather in this very reaction it sees its weakness, a tendency to watch; and the lover blesses God for the light thus given to know what she must work at, what she must overcome, if she would be pleasing to Him.

~~Mother Aloysius of Concord Carmel~~

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Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying your posts from this book. Really wonderful bits of wisdom that are applicable right now...right in our daily life!