Thursday, July 02, 2009

Good St. Anne

I have to admit that I'm just learning about St. Anne, the beloved Mother of our Lady and Grandmother of Our Lord. Why I have never read or heard much about her is a mystery (to me anyway) but I'm so glad to have been introduced to her. How fitting that I discovered my own Annie's birthday to be the same as St. Anne's Feast day, July 26.

I want to thank Anne at Under Her Starry Mantle to be instrumental in sharing this devotion. AND a heart full of gratitude for her gift of the little booklet called Good St. Anne as well as a bottle of St. Anne Holy Oil that she shared with me.

Please visit her blog and enjoy her Tuesdays with St. Anne.

Also, St. Anne devotions starting July 1st at Evening Devotions.

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Anne (aussieannie) said...

My great pleasure Julia, may St Anne bless you always.