Saturday, January 02, 2010

A couple of my furry friends

I plan to broaden this blog a bit this year. My goal was to share my journey as a wife, mother, and Secular Carmelite (still in formation). I have shared some of this Carmelite way but as I have grown this path is not separate from my"other" life but very much becomes my life. Oh, I'm not good with words at all so I probably just sound cofusing. Those that have/are taking this walk understand what I mean. With that said, my plan is to share a little more of my daily (more likely weekly) life with all it's glorious twists and turns!

And again, my new internet friend, Robin at All Things Heart and Home, is starting a 365 day project where she takes a picture each day. I thought it would be a great idea (I promise, Robin, to not borow all your ideas!) -- I most likely will not share these picts. daily because I don't blog each day but am planning to take them and use them in some way - which just hasn't come to me yet! LOL

January 1 picture above - I could have taken many pictures yesterday. My oldest daughter and family came over to watch the big Duck game (boo hoo by the way). We ate so much junk f0od (drowning our sorrows) that I was almost comotose. But my husband took a picture of two of my favorite furry children. Seldom are they THIS close - Max, my ragdoll cat (love him dearly but really, don't pay for a pet...adopt one that is in need) has lately been "borrowing" Luna's dog bed. Luna, my toy poodle who I adopted from a rescue decided there was plenty of room for her too and was not to be ousted from HER bed!


Rosemarie said...

Hi Julia,

Thanks for visiting today. I plan to do a meditation on the Interior Castle each week. This is not from any particular book, with the exception of the quotes from St. Teresa from the Interior Castle. This is just my own reflection from my reading and study.
Thanks for your encouraging words. I am glad you were blessed!

Tracey said...

Hello Julia! I am looking forward to following along on your blog in's always so peaceful to come here and I very much enjoy it!!!

Many blessings and wishes for a peaceful, happy, and healthy new year!!

:) T

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Julia....One of my very favorite names, by the way... :-)

Thanks so much for your visit and welcome to Bloggerville.....I've had such a good time here and hope you will as well!

Your babies are just toooo cute.

Happy New Year....

Warm blessings,

Julia said...

~~Thank you, Spencer...I love the name too! It's funny...many people call me "Julie" and that is ok...I don't notice at all. But when they write it with an "e" I always think.."that's not ME!" LOL...mine ends in an "a!"

~~Thank you, Tracey! I wish I had more time to blog but I just have enough time to add it here and there.

~~Rosemarie~~I look forward to your reflections. They are wonderful and I'm so thankful that you share with us!