Friday, January 15, 2010

Favorite Friday

I'm working on detachment of things....I really am....but there is just something about Mary:-) I wanted to share one of my favorite statues that my husband bought me for Christmas. Now, mind you, he didn't know he bought it for me until I showed it to him but oh, he was so proud of himself for choosing something so perfect (haha)! Anyway, I'm sure we all have favorite images of Our Blessed Mother and Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, holding baby Jesus so tenderly in her arms is one of mine (the other, The Sistine Madonna). I love this statue because it is all fitting for our tender Mother.

"The last and greatest means of all, the most wonderful of all secrets for obtaining and keeping of Divine Wisdom, a tender and true devotion to the Blessed Mary."

~St. Louis de Montfort~


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful statue! It's really hard to find a *tasteful* one. I think it's okay to hold onto this one : )

Anne said...

Your statue is beautiful! What a wonderful thing to be attached to!

Anonymous said...

Julia...What did you think of *Unbound*? It really looks interesting. Is it in line with Catholic teaching?